Brusho® Materials You'll Need

Getting started with Brusho® won't cost you the earth and the beauty of Joanne's method is that you'll use a very, very small amount of pigment for each painting. Used correctly a starter pack of 12 colours should last you years.

There are a few other bits and pieces you'll need and if you've ever painted with watercolour, you'll have these already.  Here's a list of materials: 

  • A Brusho® Starter Pack set of 12 colours  (you can purchase this from us, or from or
  • Watercolour paper (any surface will do but go for the heaviest weight you can i.e. 300gsm / 140bs)
  • A large, round watercolour brush
  • A watercolour palette or old ceramic dinner plate
  • A spray bottles or atomisers (the cheap plastic ones are fine, available from any discount store)
  • Pots or jam jars for water
  • Old rags or towels

Joanne's method also uses some other low cost materials for extra effects. To follow along with all her lessons, you'll also need:

  • Household bleach
  • A second spray bottles or atomisers for the bleach
  • A piece of clear candle wax (break a bit off a candle)
  • A waterproof back ink pen (any fine liner pen will do, just make sure it's water resistant!)
  • Household rock or sea salt

You'll be able to follow all of Joanne's lessons with the above list.