1. Computer (PC or Mac) Users

RIGHT click each BLUE download link:

  • If you use Chrome or Firefox, from the pop up menu choose 'Save link as'
  • If you use Internet Explorer, from the pop up menu choose 'Save target as'
  • If you use Safari, from the pop menu choose 'Download linked file as'

Next, you'll choose a location on your computer to save the video files to. If you're not sure, just save them to your desktop - you can always move them later on.

Will my computer play the video files?
Nearly all computers will play our videos (which are in MP4 format).

Just double-click the video file when it has fully downloaded and it will open up your computer's video player.

A very small number of older computers might not have any video-playing software. If you get an error message after double-clicking the video file you can download a free video player from here:

VLC Player (For Mac):

VLC Player (For Windows):

How long will the videos take to download?
A typical file size is 200MB. On an average Internet connection, it will take about 20 minutes to download a file.

You could download them all over night, or you could download one, follow it, then download the next one.

2. Tablet (iPad & Android) Users

Firstly, you still want to download the videos to your computer as outlined above.

Tablets aren't great for downloading stuff off the web. And because they have limited storage, you should store videos on your computer and then transfer them to your tablet as you need them.

iPad Users

  • Download the video files to your computer
  • Plug your iPad in to your computer
  • Open iTunes (if you don't have iTunes you can get it free from here)
  • Drag the video files into the Movies or TV Shows tabs of iTunes
  • Eject your iPad from the computer
  • In your iPad open the Videos app, where you'll see the videos

Android Users
Adding files to your Android tablet is easy but it's best explained in this short video:

Video (Android tablet owners using a PC)
Video (Android tablet owners using a Mac)